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Upcoming: Biometrics and border control Seminar, 9th of July, Malvern

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Enjoy online learning

IDmap offers specially designed online and blended programs in Security disciplines: intelligence, cyber security, cyber education, HLS and immigration, Middle East and politics, security management. The platform uses machine learning and Artificial Intelligence engines to provide the learners with the best updated content, carefully tailored to their learning style and career targets. 

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Best working solutions

Constant search for best working solutions by IDmap faculty to provide highest quality of research and training. We proudly unite together academics, industry, researchers and trainers to accumulate  comprehensive knowledge and avail for its transfer to stakeholders and decision makers, students and young professionals. 

Advanced research

Collaborative mode of the activities of IDmap opens door to new methodologies and technologies in the fields of security and education to provide best updated solutions to research and professional community. Participation in consortia of European Union, UK and international programs, looking for the best way to contribute to multinational science and knowledge sharing and diffusion. 

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"I truly believe in the ability of group of people to create and share new knowledge. IDmap research UK aims to educate, research and share security studies utilizing international professional experience."
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Dr. marina shorer, PhD

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